Gasoline is formulated to maintain specified engine performance. Advanced engine detergent additive packages help protect and clean your engine so it can run longer. Each batch of gasoline is tested to verify compliance with manufacturing specifications and state and federal regulations. Gasoline has seasonally adjusted volatility for good starting in cold weather and for avoiding vapor lock in hot weather. Gasoline may contain up to 10% ethanol.

Warner Oil offers 87 thru 93 octane gasoline with ethanol and 91 octane, gasoline without ethanol. You can be confident if you purchase gasoline from Warner Oil that it is high quality fuel that will provide the best detergent characteristics for your vehicle’s engine. Call today for farm, home or commercial fleet delivery of these fine gasoline products. Warner Oil Company will keep you going!

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fuel_r2_c12Warner Oil Company offers conventional, 91 octane gasoline (without ethanol) for those boaters and marine applications that specify no ethanol in their owner’s manual. This product can be purchased for delivery by contacting us. In addition, Warner Oil Company is a certified ValvTech gas additive distributor. We have certified many of the marinas in our region as certified ValvTech Marine Fuel dealers. Look for the ValvTech Marine Fuel sign at your favorite marine. ValvTech Marine Fuel additives in conventional gasoline will ensures that your marine engine will be protected from the effects of ethanol and water related problems, your injectors and valves will remain clean and free of varnish and carbon build up, improves power and performance on the water second to none.



Warner Oil Company has been delivering high quality Diesel fuel for decades to farmers, fleets and businesses that depend on the best value product in the marketplace. Warner Oil understands the ever changing fuel standards and strives to seek out the products that provide the best solutions for your performance needs. Whether it is providing premium grade diesel fuel or ultra-low sulfur No. 2 with a winter, anti-gel package; Warner Oil will keep you going! Our fleet is capable of handling customers that need smaller amounts for home and farm delivery or commercial loads up to 5,000 gallon or more. Our service is convenient, dependable and friendly. To take advantage of our reliability and expertise or to learn more about our best-in-class fuel services contact us today.

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Warner Oil Company is doing our best at making an impact on our nation’s dependence on foreign oil; We are pleased to offer RENEWABLE DIESEL FUEL ADDITIVE. Renewable Diesel Fuel Additive (R100) is approved by the EPA as a fuel additive that meets the ASTM D975-10 specification for No. 2 Diesel fuel. It is a fuel additive made from oil seed (soybeans and others) that is 100% compatible with any diesel fuel and home heating oil. In fact, the blended fuel tests to the same specifications as diesel fuel in terms of BTU content. Our lab tests have shown that this product, when blended at 20% by volume, is capable of the same fuel characteristics as ULSD. This blend known as R20 will provide superior lubricity while maintaining cold flow properties as low as 20 below zero. In addition reducing usage of foreign oil, renewable diesel fuel will save the user money at the pump. For more information on renewable diesel fuel and how it can save money in your fleet contact us today or visit our Alternative Energy page.

Warner Oil Company supplies our customers with Home Fuel Oil to keep your home or office warm and cozy when the force of winter come calling. By combining the software intelligence of our degree day system and our keep fuel management program we can track your fuel usage to make sure that you never need to worry about if the fuel is in your tank. Our dependable and courteous delivery personnel work together under any weather condition to make sure that you stay warm. Warner Oil also provides energy efficient solutions for heating your home. Ask us about the new and improved Thermo-Pride high efficiency oil furnace. Warner Oil has energy solutions for your home and office needs that clean, efficient and environmental safe. To learn more about heating your home in the most efficient way for the future, contact us today.

Warner Oil Company will be your trusted source of high quality fuel. Our friendly sales and service team will be glad to assist you.

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