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More Than 80 Years of Experience

A Family-Owned Energy Solution Company for over 80 years. Through 4 generations Warner Oil has been a key resource for business and residences as a fuel and petroleum distributor.

Clients range from government agencies, schools, public service divisions and fleet transportation, to individual consumers. Warner provides home heat solutions, kerosene, gasoline, diesel fuel, commercial oils, and industrial lubricants. According to Company President Mark Loveberry “Our service, versatility and pricing are the keys to our longevity. Customers have come to know us as a trusted, valuable resource they can count on”.

Friendly and Professional Service

Mark Loveberry joined the family business in 1984. He began learning the business and customers by making deliveries, providing service work, and collecting debts. When his father retired in 2001, Loveberry became president of Warner Oil Company. “When you start as a delivery and service person, you really have a chance to develop relationships with clients. You understand what is important to your customers. I think that gives me a unique edge in dealing with the ever changing energy needs of our customers today”, said Loveberry.



Our Vision & Mission

Currently Warner Oil is making strides into “green energy”. Loveberry states “ Now more than ever is the time to act upon energy conservation and technology.

Our goal is to embrace energy problems, evaluating the threat and then seeking the most appropriate solution based on cost, timing, emissions, regulations and current technology”.

In 2006, the company achieved an unprecedented status with Chevron, known as the Signature Class, which represents excellence in customer service. Only 6 percent of Chevron's marketers achieve this exclusive company status.

In 2003, Warner Oil expanded operations by adding a second site to the company with the purchase of Roost Oil in Reading, which had been in business since 1975.

Renewable energy solutions offered by Warner Oil Company include: ethanol and ethanol blended fuels, generation II renewable diesel fuel blends, low viscosity lubricants, diesel exhaust fluids, solar heat, wood, pellets, wind generation, and more. “We are poised for the future energy needs of our clients. We are large enough to handle any size company while being small enough to react in a timely fashion to meet our customers expectations” Mark Loveberry, President Warner Oil.


Family-Owned Energy Solution Company for over 80 years

Through 4 generations Warner Oil has been a key resource for business and residences as a fuel and petroleum distributor.

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